Randox at AACC 2018 - Booth #3624

Location : McCormick Place, Chicago, Illinois
  Date : July 31st - August 2nd 2018


Small-dense LDL Cholesterol – sLDL

Small-dense LDL Cholesterol (sLDL) is a subtype of LDL cholesterol. All LDL transports triglycerides and cholesterol to the tissues but their atherogenicity varies according to size. Smaller particles such as sLDL permeate the inner arterial wall more readily and are more susceptible to oxidation, making sLDL particularly atherogenic. Research has shown individuals with a predominance of sLDL have a three-fold increased risk of suffering from a heart attack, making sLDL measurement extremely valuable.

  • Rapid analysis – results can be produced in as little as ten minutes, facilitating faster patient diagnosis and treatment plan implementation
  • Direct, automated test – the Randox sLDL assay is specifically designed for use on automated analysers making the test more convenient and efficient
  • Liquid ready-to-use reagents – for ease of use and convenience
  • Applications available – with instrument specific settings for a wide range of analysers
  • Clearance method
  • sLDL controls and sLDL calibrator available

This assay is available now!  Visit our stand or make an appointment to find out more.